Albury Village Hall

Albury Village Hall, a historic building in the heart of Alburton, New York, houses the Alberton Historical Society and a number of other historic buildings.
The recently renovated, fully equipped hall can accommodate 120 people, with a capacity for up to 1,000 people in a single room. The Albury website provides a detailed description of the hall and its history, as well as the history of Alburton Village. female escorts in basildon
There are currently over 800 members and families, and membership in the society is open to all members of Alburton Village and their families. The club is not-for-profit and charges the lowest subscriptions, so the hall remains accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, nationality or political affiliation.
When everyone comes to showcase their exhibit, you can experience the full range of Alburton Village’s history, culture and history in one place. There are two more village performances in the hall, one for children and one for adults.
The Saxon church is in Albury Park and is now run by the Churches Conservation Trust. Catholic and Apostolic churches are in Sherbourne, the Barn Church (St. Michael’s) is on Farley Green, and the Catholic Apostolic Church is no longer used for worship. The Alburton Village Community Centre and its cafĂ© is located in the heart of the village and meets at the Albury Cafe.
The church bell rings every first Sunday of the month and on other occasions such as Christmas and New Year. Church bells also ring at the end of the day on Sundays and other special occasions such as Christmas Day.
We welcome everyone in the area who wants to learn about a variety of fascinating topics. We offer the opportunity to spend an enjoyable evening, make new friends and learn an interesting and entertaining hobby of ringing bells. If you are interested, you can contact Denise Chamberlain at the bell office in the town hall on 01904 527 8500 or 020 727 6500. The Albury Village Hall Bell Ringing Club, the Alberton Bell Ringing Club, is open to all and welcomes women of all ages. Please visit us every first Tuesday of the month and we welcome everyone who is interested in bells and bells in general.
There is an active football club that plays on Albury Heath during the season and is considered one of the most attractive in Surrey. The club has been the most successful in all cricket competitions over the years and strives to maintain a high standard of play.
We have over 100 juniors on the books and play on Friday at 6pm in the Heath and on Saturday at 7.30am at Albury Village Hall.
This brochure is published by the Albury Trust and is primarily aimed at visitors to the village community centre and its members and members. The Foundation produces this brochure as part of its efforts to preserve the character and amenities of our parish. We make available associations and associations that help to give the parish the vitality it enjoys.
The Byfleet Heritage Society is working on a project to identify and collect all known records of the history of Albury Village Hall and its inhabitants. We had the opportunity to take part in this project as well as to visit the village community house itself and its facilities.
The society represents Albury Village Hall and its history, as well as the history of the village as a whole and its inhabitants.
The East Surrey Family History Society helps members trace their family history, whether or not they have family connections to the West Sussex and Surrey area, while members enjoy attending events linked to family, social and local history. The Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society is involved in the research and development of a number of archaeological projects, some of which have been or are being applied to Area C Troydon. The Horsham and District Archaeology Group meets twice a month to explore the history of the surrounding West Brighton, Surrey and rural areas, as well as the local community.
The aim of the society, founded in 1893, is to promote the study of history, literature and early methodology.
The south-east of England is made up of a number of towns, villages and towns, as well as towns and villages in the south and south-east of the country.
The Epsom and Ewell History and Archaeology Society is the only historical society in the South East of England with a focus on the history and archaeology of the region. The aim is to arouse interest in archaeologists and history in this area and to ensure that local buildings and objects of historical importance are preserved. Egham and Runnymede Historical Society (EBRHS) was founded in 1967 and comprises the town of Ehampton and its surroundings as well as the villages of Runnney and St Mary’s and Alberton and the surrounding towns and villages.