Albury Boats

I would like to have an Albury Brothers 27 foot but I sold it and someone wanted to buy it because it was built by Alburys Brothers Boats and had some time to behave. This boat is an 18.5 “Albury Brothers boat from 1992 and the second boat was a 16.7” boat from the same … [Read more…]


While the Bendigo Art Gallery in Victoria has helped put the regional city on the map by attracting international exhibitions and is now one of Australia’s most popular galleries, it is hoped that the MaMa revamp will help make Albury a destination, not just a stopover. The local art scene flourishes as Alburton Art Gallery … [Read more…]

Albury Village Hall

Albury Village Hall, a historic building in the heart of Alburton, New York, houses the Alberton Historical Society and a number of other historic buildings. The recently renovated, fully equipped hall can accommodate 120 people, with a capacity for up to 1,000 people in a single room. The Albury website provides a detailed description of … [Read more…]

Albury Village

Albury is a small village and three hamlets in the north – east of the town of Albury, in North Yorkshire, England. It is the smallest village of them, with a population of just over 1,000 people, which stretches over a distance of about 2.2 km from the city of London. The parish, centrally located … [Read more…]

Albury Parish Council

Albury is a small village with three hamlets, located about one mile northwest of the town of Albury. Part of a parish centrally located in the Vale of Holmesdale, it is home to a number of local businesses, schools, churches and other public facilities. There is a creek leading to Chilworth, called Law Brook, which … [Read more…]